Sync problem in rc3 and still in rc4

I get the following error messages while trying to sync: [JavaScript Error: "uncaught exception: Invalid field 'repository' in ItemFields.isBaseField()"]
[JavaScript Error: "uncaught exception: Transaction in progress in Zotero.Sync.Server._checkSyncUser"] ID:25022239
The message Loading items list... never disappears.
Everything worked fine in rc2.

  • Thanks for your quick reply, that helped with displaying records, now I get the following error: [JavaScript Error: "uncaught exception: Invalid condition 'repository' in hasOperator()"] ID:1962223620
    Any ideas? It seems that all my records are synced though.

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    When do you get that? When you click on a saved search, or when you try to sync?
  • I closed Firefox then after opening it again, started Zotero with "My library" selected. After the sync wheel had been spinning for a while, it stopped and then I clicked on the first record. After that, the error occurs, same message after two restarts of Firefox.

  • I am still having sync problems, using "My library" as the default collection. Now the error is: [JavaScript Error: "uncaught exception: Search condition ids not contiguous in Zotero.Sync.Server.xmlToSearch()"] ID:346492817

    I have seen others report this error and that it has disappeared for them, but that is not the case for me so far.

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    One of your saved searches had a "Repository" condition. If you delete that saved search, your sync should work again.

    This is also fixed in the latest dev build.
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    Actually, don't do that. Wait for the next release, which will be later today or tomorrow, or use the dev build.

    (Or, if you do delete the search, you'll need to do a Full Sync from the Sync->Reset pane of the Zotero prefs.)
  • Thanks, I'll wait for the next build then. I would also like to thank you for excellent support. This has been the first time I have needed it for Zotero, and I am very happy with how I have been helped.
  • Fixed in 2.0rc5, available now.
  • Thanks, I can confirm that the problems have resolved for me now.
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