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I recently imported a project report from Zenodo ( and it was given an Item Type of Journal Article. I'm not quite sure which Item Type is most appropriate but how it ended up doesn't seem quite right.

I'm hoping someone might have some idea how best to proceed. Many thanks.
  • General purpose document repositories like Zenodo obviously contain a range of different document types, unlike other common sources that tend to have just one or two. I am not sure what clues Zotero can look for from Zenodo to categorize that wide range of documents, but some are just going to un-categorizable based on the the information they provide. The same thing happens on Researchgate. Zotero often ends up having to give a Book item type to conference papers for example.

    It's always best to check the metadata for *all* items as they come into Zotero, and edit anything that's not quite right. Changing journal article titles to sentence case is probably the change that I have to make most often - journals sometimes provide them in title case.

    In this case with Zenodo, just change the item type to the one that is most correct. As long as you know what it is, and it gets cited in the right way in a bibliography, that's all that really matters.
  • Our Zenodo translator is currently also broken after they updated the site, so this just relies on generic import. Zenodo labels this as a "report" on export to CSL, which I think is the right call and I think what we'd do with the translator working as intended.
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    Is somebody working on fixing the Zenodo translator? I didn't see any open issue or pull request.
  • I have started work on an updated translator. It isn't working yet, but there's been some progress... I'll submit a pull request if I manage to pass the tests.
  • Thanks @aborel -- feel free to submit a PR for a translator that fails tests if you need help, I'm very interested in getting this going again. Looks like Zotero is (again) searching for a translator developer, so I don't think anyone is currently working on translators as a main task, unfortunately
  • Many thanks for all the comments and I look forward to a new translator etc. - Apologies for not commenting before now... for various reasons I've not been checking the forum for a while.
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