Only partial import of PDFs from Citavi 6 to Zotero

Hi everyone,

I want to move from Citavi to Zotero, as many of my colleagues. I followed exactly the instructions as explained here:

All files are easily moved to a new project folder in Zotero, even the subfolders are there. But my colleague and I have the issue that most (not all) of our attachments (i.e. PDF files) are not at the same time as well attached to the files in Zotero.

It is more or less what is described here in the forum:
But there has been no answer to it.

I am using a macOS Big Sur 11.7.8, my colleague also a Mac.

My Debug ID is D605388979. But I could not download the output. When I tried, the program freezed.

Please help me. I want to continue working with Zotero as my reference manager. Thanks in advance

Greetings, Friedrich
  • It is crucial to have the attachments in the same directory as the Citavi file to import. Did you already do that? Do you have any further subfolders within the this folder?

    Maybe our step-by-step instructions for importing from Citavi to Zotero can help further (or the German version of it).

    (The Debug ID would need to be checked by someone else...)
  • Hi there,

    I have the same issue. I followed the instructions and have only the PDF files in the same directory as the Citavi file.
    I looked into the Citavi XML file to see if there is any difference between titles where the PDF import didn't work and others where it did, but I could not find anything. Does someone have a hint to what I should be looking for?

    Would be great to find a solution for this. Many German universities are currently ending their subscription for Citavi so I assume there are quite a few people facing the same issue.

    A possible (suboptimal) workaround might be exporting as RIS from Citavi Web as described here [1]. This way the categories and annotations are lost but the PDF files are imported correctly. In my case this is less problematic than loosing the connected PDF files.


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