Incomplete display at the bottom of the READER interface

edited November 18, 2023
appName => Zotero, version => 7.0.0-beta.51+7c5600913, os => macOS 14.1.1, locale => zh-CN, extensions => Crush Reference (, extension, disabled), Zotero Better Notes (1.0.4, extension, disabled), Better BibTex for Zotero (6.7.136, extension, disabled), Translate for Zotero (1.1.0-21, extension, disabled), Del Item With Attachment (0.2.4, extension, disabled)
ID: 835887528
The bottom of the page can not be displayed, including the PDF interface, sidebar, and all lower areas. Just like there's a screen below but I can not see it. ‎And the problem in the PDF interface is very serious, at least three pages of the PDF cannot be displayed.
  • I just found that the problem is with the reader build-in. When I open PDF in new windows instead of tabs, the bottom of the interface can be displayed completely.
  • Please, can somebody resolve the bug with the reader? I just can not read PDFs conveniently. I can not use the function "split horizontally", and the bottom of my notes and annotations can not be displayed fully. HELP ME!
  • Possibly this is the same issue. Could you test it?
  • I tried, but couldn't reproduce that. Adding lines in the abstract didn't work.
  • edited November 21, 2023
    Sorry, it seems that I misunderstood your meaning.
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