230084079 Request timed out - File syncing using WebDAV on Synology NAS

edited November 13, 2023
What I try to do:
Set up file syncing using WebDAV, download files at sync time.

webDAV provide: Synology NAS
os: Windows 11

What I have done:

A. Prerequisite steps for webDAV on Synology NAS
- set up Synology NAS
- confirm DSM and packages are up-to-date
- make NAS accessible via internet using quick connect https://kb.synology.com/en-us/DSM/tutorial/Quick_Start_External_Access

B. Steps to set up webDAV for Zotero
- install and open webDAV app on NAS
-- enable and change https port

- create a shared folder called "zotero" in the root of NAS
-- non-ecrypted to ensure access
-- copy storage folder from C:/user/zotero to shared folder on NAS

- create user account for webDAV file syncing zotero "Name-Zotero"
-- grant read/write access to zotero folder
-- disable enforced 2FA for this user, assuming the zotero webDAV function is incompatible with 2FA
-- grant user "Name-Zotero" privilige to use webDAV
- improved compatibility by changing TLS/SSL level from modern to intermediate

C. Steps to enable file syncing via webDAV in Zotero settings/sync
- Disable "Sync full-text content"
- Enable file syncing via webdav in Zotero settings/sync
-- URL: https:://name.synology.me:5467/zotero/
-- Username: Name-Zotero
-- Password: Name-Zotero login password

What happens:
Request timed out. Report ID: 230084079

Failing to make sense of this report I consulted the forum and then confirmed I have a valid certificate (https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/108496/how-to-sync-zotero-data-to-nas-on-external-network/p1).

Could you please tell if, and perhaps how, I may proceed solving this issue?
  • ADD: Also tried setting up new DDNS connection and got a "request timed out" again 1528535214
  • If you provide a Debug ID (different from a Report ID) for a Verify Server attempt we can confirm, but "Request timed out" really just means what it says and wouldn't be a problem in Zotero.
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