Cannot install Zotero 6

I had Zotero running on my laptop for a while and then one day it didn't want to open, so I uninstalled it.
I den proceeded to reinstall Zotero 6, which is where my problem comes..
It reinstalls Zotero but there are no .exe file in the folder and I thus cannot open the software..

Please help.
  • I am having the same problem for about 2 hours. It did not uninstall, so I deleted all the files related to zotero but now it is not reinstalling.
  • This is on Windows? And what happens when you try installing?
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    We've had a couple reports of this in the last few days, so I'd guess that some third-party security software is interfering with the installation. If this is a work computer, you should ask your IT department (and let us know if you figure out what was breaking it).
  • I have been trying to solve this issue with the IT department for a week now and they're not sure why this is happening. Have you got any updates about this error? I've been notified that several people are having the same issue..
  • It took some time, but the IT department at my workplace finally found some sort of solution - unfortunately I don't know what, as I simply received an email stating they fixed the issue and installment would be possible again.
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