Zotero 7: Find in document is missing busy indicator

I believe in Zotero 6, searching for text in a PDF using "Find in Document" (e.g., ctrl+f) would display some sort of busy indicator (a spinning indeterminate progress icon) while the search was being performed. In Zotero 7, there is no such indicator. For long searches, this can be confusing since it's less clear if no matches were found or if the search is still running.

This is with version 7.0.0-beta.48+0cab24fb8 (64-bit) on Linux.
  • How long the search takes and how many pages those PDF files have?
  • I noticed that the search is particularly slow for the first search after the PDF is opened. Subsequent searches are faster.

    I have a 350 page PDF and the first search takes around 3 seconds. The first search for a 634 page PDF takes around 8 seconds.
  • Right, so we'll either try to improve the search performance or consider adding a spinner.
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