author tag issues?

Hello - has anyone else noticed issues with tags? Last year, whenever I would add a journal article to my Zotero library, there would always be some tags from the authors that would automatically be added (flagged pink, I think, rather than blue). Now, it seems like when I'm adding articles (I add from PubMed), I'm not getting any automatic author tags. I can still add my own tags without any issues. Did anything change?

Maybe the articles I've been looking at this year just don't have author tags...
  • First thing to check: Is "automatically tag items with keyword and subject headings" checked in the general pane of the Zotero preferences?
  • and afaik there were never different color tags. That's planned but doesn't exist yet.
  • Well, that box is checked in my preferences. It's completely possible that the references we're downloading don't have author tags - we've finishing backfilling our library, and we are only adding brand new references each month at this point. The references we are adding are mostly published online ahead of print, so maybe author tags don't exist yet.
  • that really depends on what the database provider, uhm, provides.
    It might have been that pubmed did that for some articles, or for some time etc - afaik Zotero just takes the keywords and turns them into tags.
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