Issuing syncing files even though I've paid for more storage

I attend a University and have an account created under my .edu email address so I should have unlimited file storage with Zotero but when I attempt to sync I receive the following message:

"You have reached your Zotero File Storage quota. Some files were not uploaded. Other Zotero data will continue to sync to the server. See your account settings for additional storage options."

I went ahead and paid for additional storage anyways and after purchasing more storage I am still receiving the same error on my Zotero app.

Can anyone assist? Thank you!

  • Adding your university email address to your account only provides unlimited storage if your university has a Zotero Institution subscription.

    The Zotero account you're posting from should not be getting any storage quota error. Check what Zotero account you have configured to sync in the Zotero app by checking the sync preferences.
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