Colored tags for annotations tagging

I would like to have a fast way to identify and filter certain types of annotations in a paper. This could probably be done with colored tags, which would provide a quick identification process from the keyboard number keys.
Some examples of colored tags that would be useful for annotations:
- Definition, Theorem, Corollary, ..
- Citations useful for a recent project
- "Interesting", "Important", "Wrong", "Unsupported", "Typo", ...

It is already possible to drag and drop annotations to tags. But colored tags would make this process much faster.
It is already possible to use different colors for annotations. But these colors cannot reliably carry the information of a color code. And tags are more versatile, as multiple tags can be applied to a single annotation, which is not possible with the annotation color.

The colored tags used in My Library for items are most likely irrelevant when tagging annotations in a viewer tab. Therefore, the default set of colored tags available in a viewer tab should be different from the set of colored tags available in My Library.

Eventually, there should be an option to change the color of all annotations with a certain tag, either temporarily or permanently. This would provide a way to transfer the information of the tag to a color code in the paper.
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