Zotero 7 bugs + feature requests

edited August 23, 2023
Hi there,

I would like to bring the following bugs to your attention, if you are not already aware of them:

1. When opening a pdf, using "cmd" + "f" to start a search does not work immediately. You have to click into the pdf first.

2. The search results are sometimes quite distorted, unlike when you do the same search within another pdf reader. (But I think this problem is known).

3. Increasing the overall font size of Zotero is not accounted for in some instances of the UI. For example, when changing the annotation colour, the checkmark is too close to/overlaps the colour selection. This also applies to the search bar, where it causes text to be partially truncated.

4. Ending an annotation with a new paragraph sometimes causes the text to be displayed incorrectly: https://1drv.ms/i/s!At2iVKW7O0Q9sB5CL6mJaX1eK5bN?e=pZ6HU1

5. The current build of Zotero does not work well with pdfs where the page numbering and the page labels are different. When I type a specific page number ("170") into the numbering field, it takes me to the 170th page of the pdf. However, when I click in the pdf, it jumps back to the page with the page label "170".

Finally, I would suggest the following features:

6. When writing a comment in an annotation in the left pane, I would really like a keyboard shortcut to leave this task – e.g., by pressing "cmd" + "enter" as in Microsoft Word. I know it is possible to use "esc", but this is not very useful when working in full screen mode.

7. It is great that we can now delete individual pages of pdfs directly from within Zotero. Again, a shortcut - preferably "cmd" + "backspace" to perform this task like in other pdf readers - would be very useful.

Zotero 7 beta 36, MacOS 13.4
  • 1. It should be fixed in the update that was just released.
    4. Could you send an example text that triggers the issue?
    6. What do you expect it to do after "leaving the task"?
  • Thanks!

    4. I think it does not depend on any particular text. Steps to reproduce: 1) Add many annotations plus comments so that the left pane is filled to the bottom. 2) Add one longer comment to one of the annotations, at least 7 lines. End with a new paragraph (not sure if this is necessary). 3) Exit the annotation comment box.

    By the way - in the current version, copy and paste does not work within the annotation comment field. This made it a bit difficult to reproduce/try with certain snippets of text.

    6. Same as clicking in the pdf: Close the annotation comment box and put the focus back on the pdf.
  • The text copying regression will be fixed in the next update.
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