DOI translator: skip item selector when only one item present

On a page like this, there is a single DOI:

When I click the Zotero connector icon, it prompts the Zotero item selector dialog 'Select which items you'd like to add to your library:', listing the single item on the page. That makes the dialog redundant.

Perhaps this can be solved by having a proper translator for this particular conference proceedings (I'll file a separate topic on that), but in general I would propose that if the DOI translator finds only a single item that should preclude the item selector dialog and that single item should be added to the library.
  • This is by design. We have no way of knowing that the single DOI found is the item you're trying to save and not just some random DOI on the page.

    The only possible way to skip the select-items dialog would be some logic that compared the resolved metadata to various components of the page and determined it was the same item. But even to use your example, the actual title is only an h3, which isn't a particularly strong single (though there's no h1 or h2).
  • Fair enough. For this case it seems a translator for this specific site is a better way to go then:
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