Feature request: Locate library item in folders

I am suggesting a feature that would inform users which folders in their library contain a specific library entry.

As my library expands I noticed that I tend to sometimes forget what folders I placed a library entry in. To find the entry, I often search for it or if I tagged it a related tag helps me locate it.

I often store these entries in folders for organization, but when I use 'search' or tags to find them, there is no feature I am aware of that informs me of where in my library the entry has been archived.

Perhaps this feature could highlight all folders that contain a library entry with similar DOI, title, etc. so that users can be informed of its location in library folders rather than just the broader library storage.
  • edited August 18, 2023

    Yes, that is the type of functionality I was referring to. Thank you for informing me of the shortcut.

    A different suggestion would be to make this functionality more obvious in the user interface. I think it could be better integrated into context menus, the menu bar, or some other component of the UI.

    The current way this is integrated as Ctrl + left mouse click in Windows is not intuitive. It is also not listed as a shortcut in the preferences menu.
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