Zotero 7: The Ctrl+F shortcut in the viewers breaks previous search results

edited August 18, 2023
Steps to reproduce:
1) Open a Viewer (PDF viewer for example)
2) Open the search box to search in the document
3) Enter some text in the search box and press Enter
4) After this, it doesn't matter if you click in the file or not
5) Press Ctrl+F: the highlights of the search results disappear
6) Press again Ctrl+F: the number of search results at the bottom of the search box also disappear

I would expect the same behaviour as in Acrobat of Chrome for example: Ctrl+F should get back the focus to the text in the search box, highlighting all the text so that a new search can be made quickly, overwriting the previous search text. But it should probably not break the display of search restults from the last search.

Zotero 7.0.0-beta.36+3ef1f0992 (64-bit)
Windows 10
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