template name as string - renaming files - broken in Zotero 6, works in Zotero 7 safe mode

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After installing latest beta (7.0.0-beta.26+6dcc70f53) when i try "Rename file from parent metadata" instead of normal expected title, the file on the disc is literally named like this (the template),

"{{ firstCreator suffix= - }}{{ year suffix= - }}{{ title truncate=120 }}.pdf"

after switching back to Z6 in the same database effect is the same

After me trying to debug it, this profile in Zotero 7 is always starting in safe mode and renaming works again, Zotero 6 renaming produce this template string instead of substituting it

Before it happened I was testing latest Better Bibtex build working with Zotero 7
  • The Debug ID is D72478721 (Zotero 7, repeated start in Safe Mode)
    (I have a temporary webdav problem but this is unrelated)
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    The debug ID from Zotero 6 when I am trying to rename file is D370274973 (BBT is disabled, but the same effect when BBT is enabled)
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    In the new profile I am not able to reproduce this behaviour when changing names, but this behaviour is taking place (with Z7 safe mode as well)

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    The format of the template string changed in a recent Zotero 7 beta, and if you change it from the default and switch back to Zotero 6, you'll get the literal template string in your filename. In the next beta, we'll switch to a different pref key to avoid that problem.

    See the other thread for an explanation of why you're not seeing the attachment title change when you perform a manual rename (and why you've never actually needed to run rename manually on a file saved from the web).
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    Thanks for the detailed information, and I should do more comprehensive search before writing this post

    During this "adventure" I am locked permamently in safe mode in Zotero 7 with my main profile, deleting of all addons didnt helped; the debug IDs are posted above

    I can open profile in Zotero 6 (and use the plugins there - BBT) , and I can create new profile and switch between Zotero 6 and Zotero 7

    I created another output with logging when trying to restart sevaral times D406422834
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    How are you quitting Zotero? If you uninstall all plugins and restart Zotero twice, does it stay in Safe Mode?

    If you go to your Zotero profile directory and open prefs.js in TextEdit, what's the value of toolkit.startup.recent_crashes?
  • yes, I uninstalled all plugins and restarted more than twice.
    The same plugins worked well with other profile.

    `user_pref("toolkit.startup.recent_crashes", 27);`
  • How are you quitting Zotero, though?
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    I got safe mode disabled, thanks!s
    The quitting from dock > quit cause crash counter to increase, quitting via Zotero Window (Command + Q) is safe

    I dont know if this matter but I had values related to Word and Libre office plugins set to true even if I dont have them installed in Zotero 7 (only in Zotero6), after I turned off Safe Mode those values do not appear anymore
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