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I love the new Zotero 7 - it feels so much faster. Thanks for all your work. Just a few issues I've noticed so far:

1) Printing does not work as expected. Pressing cmd + p opens a new empty window called PDF.js viewer.

2) Data entry: when you start typing and select one of the suggested authors, the first name and surname are both entered in the surname field. Also, you cannot press the "+" symbol to continue adding another author. Only pressing Enter will complete the task.

3) When using the notes function, moving the cursor with the arrow keys does not work. This results in the text formatting tools at the top being selected/deselected.

4) Also notes: If I select a paragraph by clicking 3 times, formatting with keyboard shortcuts (e.g. cmd + b) does not work (I'm not sure if this is a new problem, though).

M1 MacBook Air, macOS 13.3.1
  • 1) Known issue

    2) That's selecting with the mouse? We'll fix that, but I'd recommend using arrow keys and Return, which works — you're already typing anyway.

    3) We'll fix.

    4) Not new

  • Thanks for the reply.

    2) Yes, selecting with the mouse. When I start typing, I usually get a lot of suggestions and scroll through them. So I use the mouse at that moment.
  • edited May 25, 2023
    3 is fixed in the latest beta.
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