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I have chosen the dark mode for the display on my computer (linux ubuntu 20.04) but it seems to be poorly supported by Zotero : the tab titles are only visible if you click on them, otherwise it is black on black... My version of Zotero is 6.0.26 (the last one)

Thanks for the help!
  • Thanks for your quick reply and for the link to the discussion. I see there is some solutions, but I can't find where is located my zotero.desktop file. It is not in the
    /usr/share/applications/ folder...
  • If you followed the installation instructions, it should be located in ~/.local/share/applications/.
  • I installed Zotero by using "Ubuntu Software" (via snap). I searched zotero.desktop by using the find command :
    find . -name zotero.desktop and even
    find / -name zotero.desktop : not found

  • The snap version is not maintained by zotero. So you probably will have to figure out by yourself where this file is located in your system.
  • Hi poettli,

    Finally I found the file zotero.desktop (in /snap/zotero-snap/61), the location was hidden in a lot of answers (..."permission not granted") of the command find. I installed the pop GTK theme, so the problem is nearly solved, except that I cannot modified the zotero.desktop file. Indeed the file system is read-only accessible. But this is a linux problem (somehow too technical for me), not a zotero one ;-)...
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