Zotero 7 Beta

When will it begin? Hopefully after May 5, the end of the semester.
  • If you're currently on the Zotero 6 beta and in the middle of a project, you should reinstall the release version of Zotero 6. That's why we showed a warning for all beta users.
  • I understand the warning. I would like to stay as a beta user. But I have a timing issue for the next few weeks.

    The warning states, “The Zotero Beta is coming soon.” When is “soon?”

    If you don’t know, please forward my question to someone who does.

    Thank you
  • Again, if you're in the middle of a project and don't want to risk a less-stable beta, you should reinstall the release version now, as the message said. You can switch back to a more stable beta later.
  • Would it possible to manage both two versions? Let say for windows user that you run Zotero with 6x.exe file in some cases and in other cases you run with 7beta.exe? I guess it is not recommended but just to be sure.
  • @aflamingo -- see the Windows ZIP version as described on the beta page: https://www.zotero.org/support/beta_builds#zotero_beta
  • Thank you very much for the quick reply, I had the ZIP scenario in mind indeed.
    To be sure then, I could use 6+ as a primary installation and enjoy the freedom to try the 7 beta from time to time if I open it from the Zip folder, or from the location I have extracted the Zip folder?

    > "On Windows, you may wish to use the ZIP version, which doesn't contain an installer, to avoid overwriting your primary installation. (Your existing Zotero database will still be used.)"
  • Yes, that's correct. One thing I'm not 100% sure of is if there are going to be any database updates involved and what the consequences of those would be. I think this is now handled elegantly by Zotero (e.g., new item types - as in the current beta - are turned back into type: itemType in the Extra field), but that'd be worth testing...
  • Nice! Let's see then, excited to see this upgrade happening :)
  • No incompatible database updates for now.
    new item types - as in the current beta - are turned back into type: itemType in the Extra field)
    It's not that — new types are stored in the database so that they'll continue showing up as regular fields even if you downgrade.
  • Thanks for clarifying/confirming
  • This discussion should be pinned as an announcement to the top of the discussions
  • There’s no announcement. We already sent out a repeating message to all Zotero 6 beta users with the relevant info.
  • I know. But "changes to item fields" is not really an announcement either (it was one many years ago). But this thread contains important clarifications for people who get the pop up, and many of those will have clicked the pop up to go away quickly and forgotten about it or not considered it in detail. And the pop-up itself IS an announcement. Even though it does not announce a new software, but the coming of a new software. The message to zotero 6 beta users contains no further details, or a link to where to get these further details.
  • Could you please announce the upgrade time for version of 7 beta?
    I am currently using M2 silicon and its pretty heavy for memory.
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