Zotfile feature suggestion: Skip HTML tags

This is a small quality of life suggestion for Zotfile: I have a lot of records with some HTML markup in the Title field (https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/rich_text_bibliography). Zotfile includes that markup as part of the filenames it creates (after stripping out special characters). It would be great to have an option to drop any markup from filenames.
  • Yes, this function is currently missing in ZotFile. I think it's implemented now in Zotero's own renaming function, but if you need to use ZotFile, you can get something that should work in most cases with ZotFile's user-defined wildcards:

    {"1": {"field": "title", "operations":[{"function": "replace", "regex": "<(\\u0022[^\\u0022]*\\u0022|'[^']*'|[^'\\u0022>])*>", "replacement":""},{"function": "truncateTitle"}]}}

    See https://github.com/jlegewie/zotfile/issues/455 for more details.
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