Feature suggest: filter commented annotations out from not commented ones

I suggest we could filter annotations only and only if it has comments.

Currently you can filter annotations by colors and tags. However, this is not enough to differentiate between the annotations you commented and the one you just have highlighted.

Example of problem is when you want to get all your comments after a long read and the child note you create is full of highlighted text you do not need anymore. This to the point you lost track of your personal comment. Another example is for when you have three stages in your reading workflow, say the first read is for highlight, the second for comments, and the third is reading where you wrote comments. Here you are stuck at stage two, or have to go back manually and search for icons etc - not a nice option for books.

Such filter would improve the annotation process, especially when searching for notes, exporting notes, or making various reading reports.

PS: You could attribute one color to the annotations you commented and filter out later on. However, in the doing and after testing it this adds clicks and it is not so smooth to live with. Not saying that on a more fundamental level you probably just want to be able to comment on different colors.

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