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    [Edit: The following as a feature request]

    Could it be possible to create a note from annotations but only the ones that has been commented - i.e. sticky notes and annotated highlights, which is different from purely highlighted text?

    This makes sense to me especially for books and documents bigger than news article and academic review articles. As the number of highlighted texts increase, it takes more and more space on the note file, to the point that I would lose track of what I have annotated. This occurs more frequently for long read because I have to come back and forth to text day after day, if not weeks or months, where I forgot what annotations, I already export or not. I remember having encounter a size or number export limit at some point while exporting all annotation from a big book. Not to mention scanned text where the only highlight you can do are picture highlights (screenshots using the square button in the reader).

    Also, you might export highlighted text you actually do not want to export. Going back to the highlight practice in the doing, first you might want to put colors on the text the moment you are reading it to get some visual cues, but what you want to export later on is only what you wrote. So at the end you want to get rid of the highlights you will "not use". All this following a case of induction process of qualitative data analysis for example.

    It makes also sense as for now you cannot search within the annotations you made but that you haven't exported yet. Currently what you can do is to sort and filter your annotations by tags and color, then select it all with ctrl+a on the left pane of the reader, drag it and drop it to a child note you must create beforehand (right pane). However, there is no smooth and direct way to differentiate between i) standalone-sticky note, ii) annotated highlights, and iii) highlights. I mean in such a way you can do something with it (export, copy-paste, drag and drop etc).

    That to suggest a radio button-menu that give you the option to export only the commented annotations. Alternatively, to export all combinations of sticky notes, highlights and commented highlights (all, sticky notes only, highlight only, commented highlight only, commented and sticky, sticky and highlights...).
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