Does Zutilo exist for Mac OS?

I have switched from Windows to Mac, and there doesn't seem to be a version of Zutilo for Zotero for Mac. In fact there aren't many add-ons at all. Am I missing something?

  • All Zotero add-ons (very much including Zutilo) work across operating systems, what makes you think differently?
  • Well, he said sheepishly, I was looking at the extensions installed on my newly installed instance of Zotero on my MacBook thinking it was available extensions, and saw only a couple. Also, I couldn't find in a quick Google search any indication that a Mac version existed. And I didn't try to install the XPI file (which I've now done). So it's on me.

    But it might not be a bad idea -- for idiots like me -- to say in GREAT HUGE BOLD FONT at the top of the plugins page that all of the plugins work across all operating systems.

    Thanks for schooling me!
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