Create bibliography privileges

Hello - is the ability to create a bibliography one of the privileges only for users who have read/edit access? We don't want our private group users to be able to delete anything in our library, but it would be nice if they could still create citation lists. We actually don't use it write papers - just as a fast way to write out quick citation lists.
  • edited December 11, 2009
    Bibliographies can be created from group collections or items the same way they can from personal library collections or items. Right-click, Create Bibliography from...
  • Yes, but this only seems to work if you have edit capabilities. In our private group, for people who only have read-access, that Create Bibliography function is not an option for items in the group library (the font for this option is light gray, not black).

    But it seems they can drag the citations-of-interest to their My Library and then create the bibliography - we will instruct our group to create bibliographies in this manner.
  • This was a bug that's been fixed in the latest dev builds. In the next release, members with read-only access will be able to use the context-menu export/bib/report options on collections and items in group libraries.
  • Perfect! It's working fine with the 2.0rc1 version. Thanks!
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