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  • Same on my client, stuck with update. I cancelled/closed and now it's 6.0.20.

    Asking for a different thing: The update is often leading into the scenario of un-/re-installing the Chrome/Opera extension, since the authentication seems to get broken. I haven't noticed anything to circumvent or where this issue starts. In fact it might be 'normal'. Would it be possible to have a choice, say "Only major version", 6.X.nn. Do 'bug fixes' also contain security issues?
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    (Please always carefully read the complete thread you're about to post to — that one had nothing whatsoever to do with Zotero app updates. You should almost always just start a new thread. I've moved this to a new thread.)

    If a Zotero app update gets stuck for more than a minute or so, all you have to do is restart.

    A Zotero app update has nothing to do with "authentication" in the Zotero Connector. I'm not even sure that you mean by that, but it's unrelated. And you absolutely don't need to uninstall and reinstall the Zotero Connector after a Zotero update. If you explain what you're actually referring to, we can say more. (We don't provide any support for Opera, though, so if you're running the Zotero Connector in Opera we can't help.)
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