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I am writing my PhD thesis (in MLA) about French translations of Bob Dylan.

I would like to know how I can create an item that is a bit unusual: a concert program/booklet of one of the French artists who has covered Dylan in French... unless of course this item already fits in a category I might have missed.

I have no idea how this is supposed to appear in MLA.
I suppose it would make sense to have a date, but it will only be a year, since it is the booklet printed for the whole 2022 tour.
Name of artist. Name of the tour. What else?

Can anyone help?
  • Wouldn't just a "book" item make sense here then?
  • Book or Report would work fine I think.
  • The problem is that both book and report need a publisher, but there does not seem to be any.
  • There is a lot of information, with many people involved, among which Production des concerts: Les Spectacles de la lionne. I wonder if that would work, but it is not really a publisher. I have no idea if they are in charge of the booklet too.
    There is also a printer named "two-print", but that hardly counts as a publisher.
  • I have just had a look at the MLA 9th edition handbook.
    Under “liner notes”, page 333, I find this example:

    Race, Steve. Liner notes. Time Out (in italics), by Dave Brubeck Quartet, Columbia Records, 1959.

    Under “works missing publication information”, page 342, I find: without a Publisher :

    Hocking, Amanda. Fate (in italics). 2010.

    So… combining the two, I guess my concert programme book could read:

    Aufray, Hugues. Concert programme book. Tournée églises et cathédrales (in italics), 2022.

    I suppose that would make sense.

    Following your advice, I have created a “book” item.
    Could you please tell me in what field I should write “Concert programme book” so as to obtain this result?
    I have tried entering “format title: Concert program book” in the “extra” field, but that does not seem to work at all. All I get is:

    Aufray, Hugues. Tournée églises et cathédrales (in italics), 2022.

  • @bwiernik

    Have you seen my last question?

    Do you think you can help with the "book" item?

    Is there any field where it could work / would make sense to write "Concert programme book"?

    Thank you. I wish you a beautiful day.
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