Can't download or import any PDFs

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  • Hi,
    I have the same problem, but with a PC. I have been using zotero for over a year and I didn't have this problem before. Now I can't downlowd or import any pdf documents.
    There is no message ; simply nothing happens.

    I don't understand where I can check if there is a permission to write (in zotero or on C?).

    Thanks for your help.

    Université d'Angers (France)
  • Please start new threads for new issues. I've moved this to a new thread.

    Can you explain, in your own words, the exact problem you're experiencing, and also provide a Debug ID from Zotero for reproducing it?
  • Hi,

    When I want to download a pdf from the internet (firefox or edge), I usually click on the Zotero Connector extension button and the download is ok.
    This is what isn't working at the moment : when I click, nothing happens : no message and no download. Other documents can be downloaded.

    I've submitted 2 outputs, I think the second is the one to look at (from Zotero connectors).




  • You're trying to save from a file:// URL, which won't work. Make sure your browser is set to open PDFs directly, so that you're viewing them at the original http(s):// URL, not a file:// URL.

    (As you probably know, you should also save from an article page whenever possible rather than saving the PDF directly. It looks like you're already doing that in some cases in your debug output.)
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