No Date on Podcast Type

Good day, I noticed there is no date in Podcast Type. This leads to ugly citation keys lacking a date in Bibtex. I can, of course, make a custom key which is what I've been doing. But I noticed, in MLA and other formats- the podcast citation does in fact ask for a date. So I add it to extra. But this is a lot of hacking around when Podcast could just include the date. Will future releases be including date in Podcast? And is there a way to modify/add to these citation types if I have a type not available in the drop down?
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    Will future releases be including date in Podcast?
    Yes. There haven't been field changes in many years for technical reasons, but they're coming relatively soon. You have to use Extra for now.
  • I also hope this can be updated. I like to use Zotero with students, and the date seems important for podcasts.
  • As a podcaster, let me also suggest these items:

    There is a Season number (which can be blank), an Episode number (definitely available), a Date.

    Usually people are going to cite Episodes, so there is a Podcast title, as well as an Episode title.

    There may be one or more Hosts, and sometimes one or more Guests. I would treat this like Editors and a chapter authors.

    Those are the things I wanted when I cited a few of my podcast episodes in Zotero recently. I ended up using "Audio Recording," mainly because the date wasn't there for the Podcast type.
  • +1 on needing date for Podcast type. Need this feature by 2023 03 21 if at all possible for a shared international project.
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