Podcast date?


I am currently studying Information Security and part of my coursework involves listening to lots of Podcasts.

I have noticed that the Podcast type does not have a date field - is it possible to add fields manually, or change the Podcast type so that it has a date field?

Apologies if I am being stupid, I haven't been using the software very long.
  • You can add any extra information needed in the Extra field. See: https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/item_types_and_fields#citing_fields_from_extra
  • Ah brill, thank you!
  • I was just going to start a thread about this.

    You can add the date in the Extra field, but it will not appear in the Year column in the main Zotero pane (which I find to be very important), citation or bibliography. (The Retrieved date, if any, will appear in the bibliography.)

    Zotero team, please add a date field in the Podcast form, so podcasts may be cited properly.
  • No, you're misunderstanding. The whole point of the date in Extra is that it _will_ appear in citations and bibliography (and be migrated to a field that can be displayed in columns once that exists).
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    Right, this time the date did appear in the bibliography, but no date in the Year column. (I had kludged my entry by putting the date in the Title as well.)

    What is the reasoning behind not showing the year in the Year column in the main page? This is something that's very important in the sorting I do, which I think is probably pretty basic to everyone.

    Surfacing another column to display the little-used Extra field doesn't make sense to me. Real estate is tight already in the main pane.

    Or do you mean you intend to add a Date field for podcasts that will be derived from the Extra field???
  • There is no reasoning. There is no date field for podcasts because it got omitted 10+ years ago and no changed have been made since.
    They'll come reasonably soon, hopefully, and then podcast will have a date field and any date you have in extra will automatically be moved there
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