Broaden zotero focus to include ZOTPress?

At several thousand users ZOTPress is the goto plug-in for using zotero with Wordpress. Unfortunately the developer is really unable to devote enough time to dealing with recent changes (especially php8.x) and we need help.

Anyone? Ideas? Interest?
  • Seconding this. Many users have come to rely on Zotero support in WordPress through ZotPress and it would be wonderful if there were a durable solution with stronger community involvement. The plugin developer Katie Seaborn has been wonderful and notes:
    This is an open source project and a community effort, and I have zero time, so a savvy and positive programmer can jump on board.
    Not sure whether this would fall to Zotero developers (who have enough on their plate) but am replying here in the hopes of getting more eyeballs on this in the Zotero user and developer communities.
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