Negative tag selection in the Tag Selector

edited November 29, 2022
It is currently possible to view all the items that have one or multiple tags by clicking on them in the Tag Selector. I would like to make a "negative" tag selection, which is to be able to view all the items that do not have a specific tag.

This has been suggested before:

Instead of the solutions proposed there, I think that adding a "+/-" toggle button at the top right of the Tag Selector (or equivalent UI) would be more intuitive than using a modifier key or multiple clicks on the tags.
1) The current positive selection "+" shows a blue background on the selected tag. The negative selection "-" could simply show a red background on the tag.
2) The same background colour could show on the "+/-" toggle button to make it easy to understand visually.
3) This may be hidden to save space, and be accessible from a pane top-right arrow to expand the toggle button, or even from the bottom-right menu.

I understand that you can use an Advanced Search to do that in most cases, which is however much slower. But this solution does not work in the Duplicate Items collection:
This would be very useful to hide the "Non-duplicates" tagged items from the Duplicates Items collection:

Note that this feature with a toggle button could then be expanded to a "And/Or" toggle button, equivalent to the "Match all/any" option in the Advanced Search.
It could then be expanded to the selection of multiple collections (within a single library):

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