Feature request: Ability to view citations which do NOT have a specific tag

We can currently select tags and view items which are tagged with that item, but it would be great to also be able to select a tag and see anything which is *not* tagged with that. For instance, I am using a tag named "read" to mark citations which I have read. It would be really nice to be able to view all items which do not have that tag (i.e. which I have not yet read).

One potential interface for this could be: click on a tag to view items which have the tag; click on the tag again to view items which do *not* have the tag; then click again to remove the filter.
  • You can currently do this with Advanced Search and Saved Searches, but yes, it would be nice to be able to filter to exclude a tag from the current view.

    For an "unread" view, I think a Saved Search would probably be easier to work with though.
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