[FR][Desktop / iOS] Improvements of PDF reader (more features like in Sioyek PDF reader)

edited 8 days ago
Sioyek (https://sioyek.info/, https://github.com/ahrm/sioyek) is an amazing PDF reader, for those who read scientific or technical papers.

Among its best features are the following :

- Smart jump : right click on the name of a figure or equation and it will show an overview of it.
- Portals : Link any part of the document to another part, which can then be displayed in a second window.
- Marks : easily link important location of your pdf to a shortcut to quickly access them.

These features drastically reduce the pain of navigating in documents (and especially the constant back and forth between important areas of your PDF).

The problem is that annotations and highlights made in Sioyek are NOT compatible with other PDF readers (and vice versa).

So it would be amazing if we could have some cooperation between Sioyek and Zotero to bridge the gap between them, either :

- Implementing important Sioyek features in Zotero's PDF reader.
- Making Sioyek's highlights and annotations available in Zotero's PDF reader, so we could then easily export them to e.g. Obsidian from Zotero.

Related FR in Sioyek :


EDIT : Sioyek has a script (https://github.com/ahrm/sioyek/issues/263#issuecomment-1320920283) to embed annotations into the current PDF ! So all annotations made into Sioyek are available to Zotero. But the annotations made into Zotero are not available in Sioyek.. (https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/101265/feature-request-lack-of-store-annotations-in-file-is-really-unfortunate)!

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