Assign note tags from #text in an annotation?

The new Zotero annotations can be tagged, which is very cool. I'd like to be able to define those tags within the annotation, as I'm reading, using a specific character like '.' (as Readwise does) or the obvious '#'. That way, as I'm reading (especially on an android tablet that doesn't have the Zotero interface), I can still assign tags as I go, in the knowledge that when I bring the PDF back into Zotero and import the annotations to the database all my tags will be there. Doing it manually afterwards is laborious, and so I don't do it -- especially since I forget the context hours or days after I finish reading an item.

What do the devs think?
  • There's a related issue on GitHub, so the Zotero developers are considering such a feature.

    Currently, tags in Zotero can have space characters and the hash symbol # isn't excluded either. Perhaps it's better to use something like <tag>my tag</tag>, as suggested in the GitHub issue.
  • This is great! Though I think `mytag` is a bit clunky, especially when entering on a small screen or with a stylus -- a single character that designates a tag would be much better here imho
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