Strange behaviour of copy-paste to annotations

I have noticed some strange behaviour when pasting some text in the annotations on the left hand side of the Zotero PDF Reader.

1) If I copy a single word from the Zotero note to the annotation (Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+V), the position of the cursor jumps to the beginning of the word pasted, instead of staying at the end. Also, I cannot cancel the pasting with Ctrl+Z.

2) If I do the same, but replace the pasting with Ctrl+Shift+V, the cursor stays at the end and I can cancel the pasting. But it removes formatting and adds formatting characters instead for titles, bold, ...

3) If I try to copy-paste multiple lines from the note, the pasted text will remove all the new lines, sticking together the lines without any spacing between them. The cursor jumps to the start of the last line in the original copied text. I still cannot cancel. Pasting with Ctrl+Shift+V works normally again, expect that it removes formatting and adds the formatting characters. So I always loose something.

4) If I copy-paste from Evernote Legacy (with text font Segoe UI, 10), the pasted text adds a space at the end. I can make sure that there is a space by moving with the arrows.
- But if I try to delete it with Backspace just after pasting, it instead deletes the last letter in the pasted text.
- If I try to cancel with Ctrl+Z, it removes the space the first time, and then further pressing Ctrl+Z does not do anything anymore.

I observe more exotic behaviour depending on where the text is copied from, but I guess this is already sufficient to demonstrate the problem.
Would it be possible to fix this and make pasting text to annotations more robust?
What kind of formatting is allowed when pasting text to annotations?
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