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  • Mendeley has a good addon working on Word for iPadOS. Zotero needs one like this
  • OK I used firefox profiles as a solution .. still testing but it looks useful . Still preferring that LOCAL Zotero has the option of "profiles" instead of making a new FF profile for each zotero user with the need to inherit all firefox settings as …
  • groups are not an option as I use this for different workgroups I am involved in two or three different projects and each of them uses Zotero from different account . Groups and sharing is not an option as we also need to co-work on the word doc, m…
  • the use case is I m working on different thesis for friends using their OWN lib they give me the Password and I uses their lib and update it then send them the word file . So all what they need is to log in from thier PC and sync
  • Thanks for help >> I hope Zotero manages this issue in the future without needing such work around till now this will be useful
  • A lot of ideas can be added , one of them is a dream for me in my thesis What I dream in is the following story: 1- in the full text paper , I choose a paragraph which I wanna put it in my thesis 2- by right-click , a short key and/or a menu com…
  • I appreciate this resources are the limitation , this is life Go On dear , you are doing a great job
  • Sorry , also I remebered , I am in a need for an output style editor, WYSWYG
  • Dear moronkko Thanks for your concern and prompt answers I love Zotero so much and it makes me happy to find u care about improving it Go on!
  • mronkko Mar 14th 2012 the whole site will be better if acts like Facebook A notification icon , an inbox and a friend request icon u say substantial refresh is in lib , it is not enough , it is needed in groups and forums . actually need…
  • What if I sign in with different users on my PC... Shall I sync from zero every time and clear all previous data? If I wanna sync today deom account called : "mfatehy1" clicking sync ... will it delete all data on HDD from "mfatehy" account? i.…
  • Also , Zotero needs a complete Chrome extension rather than the stand-alone app
  • I use Zotero completely now, its Office integration is so good and full of options . Mendeley can sync with Zotero, so my personal work around is to use Zotero as my main tool , and use Mendeley as a sharing tool . Still Zotero is on top , but…
  • What Zotero needs : 1- Annotation management in PDF 2- Sign in using facebook 3- More deals with scientific papers sites to put Zotero logo and sharing in their sharing options 4- Allowing Zotero user to sign in using a Mendeley account and…
  • WE are waiting for an IDE with a GUI for CSL This editor will be a great improvement Do you know any expected time to get such an editor lunched for users ? thanks
  • Is there a "Folder watch" function ?? this can solve the problem
  • Hi guys I think Zotero web interface is so boring and not full of functions as that of mendeley. While I still like zotero more . I hope Zotero developers take more care about their web interface . Try to see the simplicity of Facebook for exampl…