• thanks, Dan. Maybe that's it. I only use one computer but I'm not sure if I've always checked on the sync. I prefer this explanation over the one including my computer eating up files... :)
  • Is there any plan to make possible showing all related items in something of a kind of a mindmap? That would be really helpful!
  • so great! thanks! I didn't see it due to the different looks of this function versus the reference-relation one. thanks again!
  • Please excuse if this request is somewhat doubling old ones, but I couldn't find a better category. Is in anyhow possible to relate stand alone notes to other stand alone notes or to references? That would be very helpful!
  • First of all, thanks for the really helpful and easy-to-use software! I'd like to stress the above mentioned requests especially * a (5?-)star ranking on the sources' usefulness * a read / unread / read next-button My scientific work i…