• I whole-heartedly second hgray's comments. Tags work very well within Zotero, but if they played nicely with the operating system as a whole, that would be incredibly useful. Thanks in advance to anyone working on a solution for OS X.
  • Er, spoke too soon. After rebooting my machine and restarting Firefox, I've got no paper clip and can't access the ZotFile preferences in the Add-Ons menu (although ZotFile is visible there and appears enabled). Tried reinstalling again & restar…
  • Hi Joscha, Reinstall did the trick. Paper clip and right-click contextual menu are both there, and work beautifully! And indexing works too. Thanks again. Never again will I wonder whether I meant to read 346723.pdf or 7223541.pdf. :-)
  • Thanks! In this case I'd need to export records from Zotero into tab-delimited or CSV files. But as I've read elsewhere on the forum, looks like this requires a little CSL manipulation. Along with others, I'll wait for more customizable reports.
  • I second this request. A related question: Since the majority of references don't have notes or attachments, is there any chance of indexing the Zotero references themselves (not attached docs, notes, etc) in Spotlight or Google Desktop? …
  • Update: DL2 help documentation recommends importing from a tab-delimited file. Can I convert BibTex to tab delimited? Thanks!
  • Not easily anyway. I exported a small selection of 5 books from Zotero as Bibtex. The import option in DL2 is "Import from text file," and the import page then lets you specify the delimiter (tab, comma, custom). But strangely they don't allow impor…
  • Looks like a great tool, Joscha! But after restart, I can't see the paper clip link in my zotero toolbar. I downloaded Zotfile into Zotero 1.5b1, restarted Firefox 3.0.6, updated about:config settings to be (source_dir= /Users/Shared/JM Downlo…
  • Delicious Library 2 allows export to BibTex, which can be imported into Zotero. But I haven't been able to move items from Zotero to DL2. Any advice about a smooth or seamless way to do that would be much appreciated.
  • Ditto on find/replace. This would be very useful for cleaning up recurring mistakes across the database.
  • Update: Turns out what I thought were auto-generated tags in Zotero were actually keywords auto-generated by EndNote when I imported items from my library website in the first place. Those keywords don't disappear when you turn off "Show automa…
  • I have the same problem Amber does. 1) Trying to delete hundreds of auto-generated tags takes forever. How about the ability to select and delete multiple tags at once? Or a tag editor as a preferences tab? 2) Can't seem to hide the auto-ta…