• I appreciate this new feature and I was also impressed the first time I used it. However, it is actually quite annoying when copying something for a quick Google, I too would also love to be able to switch it off and/or configure it. Thank you!
  • +1 to this, it would help so much to sort by creating lab rather than by first author!
  • Same problem here. Any quick fix available? In fact, I cannot figure out how to revert to the default dark theme. I cannot find which file contains the information for the dark theme. When looking at dark theme websites, the folders seem different i…
  • I personally would rather change it manually, because it is not the same opening a document to double-check it is the right one to fully reading it. What is most important for me is to have a category on the table for it to sort, same as date, autho…
  • The answer "use tags" keeps showing up, but there are many comments on this, because this would be REALLY useful, and tags are simply not good enough. The ability to quickly sort by read/unread (sort, not search, so you can still see all items) is e…