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  • helen07, For Zotero to work properly with Ibid it needs to handle all the citations. Zotero does not 'see' the other footnotes and does not know that they are citations rather than comments etc.
  • I have not come across any such applications. Such conversion utilities would be very difficult to make. You would need to parse the text and allocate each part to its data type. This may seem simple if you are thinking of simple one author, one boo…
  • I have just produced a OpenOffice Bibliographic database export filter in RIS format and I managed to import the data directly into Zotero. It is my first python program and rather basic and crude. See http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/O…
  • You do not need to install python as it comes with OpenOffice and is in the /openoffice.org2.0/program/ directory which is where I suggest you put the RISimport.py file as well. Also I only have a Linux version of OpenOffice, on a Windows syste…
  • There are two processes that are used by Library cataloguers associated with the sorting of bibliographic data by name and subject. The first is the ‘standardisation’ of the names and subjects through a process of applying a list of somewhat ar…
  • I have made some suggestions on the OpenOffice Bibliographic Project's Hints and Tips wiki page - 8 How to load Zotero reference data into Openoffice. 9 How to use Zotero to format your OOo Bibliography http://wiki.services.openoffice.or…