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  • I believe "Present" is used in APA 7th, please see the APA website: (looks like an update from APA 6th) Thank you for your efforts, I'm looking forward to th…
  • Thanks a lot, this solves most of the issues I have encountered. But as far as I can tell, you still need to use "2019-present" in extra for current running series, it does not work using 2019/present. And I do think it's not exactly user friendly t…
  • +1 on including a date field. In the mean time, when using APA 7th for podcast series, you need to use date:"year-present" in extra for the year span to show correctly. For APA 7th, there are several other things lacking, like the inclusion of the…
  • The issue with page numbers ending up in Extra-field is not only related to the Brage archives, but also to the Oria discovery service in general. Also, this information is now (wrongly) included in the bibliography when using APA 7th, which I belie…
  • Any update on this issue? Seems that issued date added in extra is still required, so hoping for a fix soon.
  • One of our students here are also experiencing the same problem, so I hope someone can look into the matter.