• Excellent to hear. How about italics? That's really a key issue. If it does support italics, how do I mark text to be in italics? Thanks for the help.
  • I understand that Zotero was originally created for use in the humanities, but I think it would be great if it would work for scientists like myself. For it to be at all useful, we would need access to at least italics, and several other character s…
  • Dan may be right, but I waited 4 hours, and my entire system basically ground to a halt. Other processes were running, but so slow as to make the computer unusable. I got the import to work by breaking it into small chunks and importing each chunk. …
  • I just tried again with a file of about 2000 records and it choked again. Any idea how many records can be imported in one shot?
  • I just tried a file with only 20 records, and it worked this time. I will break my large database into more manageable chunks and try to import them separately. Thanks.