• I am very much thinking of developing applications that would use ODF files as a core file format for archived information. I would like to get as much metadata linkage into zotero as I can because I very much like Z (assuming I can ever get ODF fil…
  • I have just downloaded OOo 3.0 onto my intel mac and will be trying it out quite shortly - is there a quick intro to using RDF in this situation for the less initiated. thanks Kurt
  • I too am getting problems with tags hanging around - for some reason I cannot also delete the original item, again in sync preview 2.2. The error report no is 736919572. thanks and keep up the good work. Kurt
  • For data interchange to work there needs to be a protocol accepted across a population - which could be the entire world as bruce seems to suggest here. But that need not be so - one can conceive of data formats that can be used in conjunction with …
  • This kind of behaviour should definitely be highlighted in the european countries where protection for software IP is considered much more circumspectly. You will gain a lot of supporters in the UK, Germany and France.
  • According to Dan a year ago these types were planned for an upcoming release of Zotero - so the question is - have these types been incorporated in the releases of Oct 2007- Oct 2008 and if not when they are scheduled to be available.
  • I am asking a general question as part of a zotero appraisal process. Sure it might be possible to force almost every type of published material into the type 'document' but then we appear to have the ever so subtle distinction between 'magazi…
  • Because I may wish to have these item types but other users may wish to categorise their media using their own types - generic is always better than specific. This topic title seems to suggest that it is exactly about this can of worms.
  • Custom item types - do we have this yet ? - as of Zotero 1.0.7. I am very interested in using zotero to store citations to workgroup-based datasets and graphs.
  • I would like to do the same thing - use zotero for archiving datasets and graphs - any news about new resource types or ways to extend your own resource types locally. thanks for a great tool, Phil