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  • Hi, I've got this problem too but it's not solved by using firefox over standalone. I can't sync anything or install updates etc. I know what the problem is. The company I work for have security software that seems to issue it's own certif…
  • Thanks for the reply. It's one of the few databases that hold congress abstracts, that's where I use it most. I thought there'd be more people like me but I guess not.
  • Thanks Dan, We'd need any storage solution that allows our files to be kept on our secure servers. WebDAV is just the solution that zotero partly supports now so that's why I mentioned it. Any solution that allows us to sync the stored files on…
  • It's a real shame this can't be done. I've used Zotero personally for a couple of years to manage libraries of journal articles. Other people in the company wanted to have access to the same functionality and we wanted to store company documents in …
  • Simon: That works. Thank you.
  • amc, you're right. It only happens when I have an Aero theme active. Simon: Disabling acceleration didn't work. I tried to force the GPU to run Zotero via the CPU but that didn't work because the GPU apparently overides the user selection if th…
  • Sorry, mistake in my post. I omitted to say that I was using Standalone not Firefox, my company wouldn't let me install Firefox but were OK with chrome.