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  • @emilianoeheyns Hi, I do not seem able to get Zotero to load the File Hierarchy.js translator. I download the file (from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/retorquere/zotero-file-hierarchy/master/File Hierarchy.js), I re-started Zotero, but still it …
  • @emilianoeheyns thanks for your help. In fact, that helps but still adds friction to the workflow. Particularly when formatting. In looking to replace Endnote for Zotero, the big push would be to have the possibility of live formatting. Meaning havi…
  • @ vijen I thought that a solution using citekeys from Zotero would not be difficult to implement but apparently is not so. I wanted to be able to do what frankly Endnote does very well: simply ctrl+c on top of the reference then paste in to document…
  • Many thanks. After some fiddling with the installatio, it actually works quite well. You have made a huge difference in simplfying my work flow!
  • Thanks for the link and all the info. I am afraid it is too technical for me! I am just a biologist... Is there any easy way to sort out exactly what I need to do to be able to have a really easy workflow like in Endnote instead of adding friction?
  • Hi Zotereans, Does anyone knows how to use Zotero citation while using tools other than Microsoft Word or Libre Office? I would like to be able to write in any text editor (e.g. drafts) and be able to include a temporary citation (like endnote does,…
  • Visual cues. I really like to Zotero, but I surely miss a built in PDF. What software designers miss, is not that the users are not happy with their external pdf reader, but people who rely a lot on visual memory, it helps a lot of time to identify …