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  • Here's a false positive case that I've run into: Item 1 is an edited book. Item 2 is a chapter in that book. The chapter has the same title as the book (really!); the chapter author is not one of the editors of the book. All other information in …
  • Just a follow-up to say that I experienced the same issue today on another PC, this one running the native Japanese version of Windows Vista Ultimate. I think the screen resolution was 1366x768 (I forgot to check). Font scaling was 100%.
  • I'm also getting false positives for items whose titles are written in Japanese. E.g., these three all get selected as duplicates of one another: [1] 今日のニュースなのか. (2011, May 10).Asahi Shimbun, pp. 3-4. [2] 東京物語. (2010, August 15).とこ…
  • Unfortunately, yes. Other things I tried, with no signs of improvement: * Toggled on/off "Auto-hide the taskbar." (It had been off previously.) * Changed the system locale to English, so that the Windows locale and display language are bot…
  • Thanks very much. That did the trick. I don't know who's in charge of the online help documentation, but it would be good if the page about changing the UI language ( ) included the crucial bit …
  • NACSIS Webcat, which searches university libraries throughout Japan. (Japanese interface) (English interface)