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  • I tried it on a PC and it worked fine for me as it did for you previously. Thus it is a Mac problem. I can get around it by importing the xml file with my PC, then exporting the Zotero database as a whole and overwriting the "old" database on my Mac…
  • It definitely said "security update". I paid more attention than usual because of the import problem I have been having, so I am certain rather than reasonably sure. And after restart I immediately re-tried the import and was momentarily excited whe…
  • Any possibility it could be a mac issue?
  • (1).xml?dl=0
  • Interestingly, there was a Zotero security update yesterday. After installing and re-starting Zotero it DID import an xml file with 10 references from PubMed, but still WON'T import one with 100 citations.
  • I skim-read the debug output and saw the term "foreign". So I skimmed the xml file. None of the papers are non-English, but one of the Journals is called "Le journal canadien des sciences neurologiques". It's not terribly uncommon for Canadian Journ…
  • I tried "import from clipboard" - no good (I copied from the XML file, a plain text file, & tab-delimited.) I set "English only" as a pubmed filter before I exported the articles. (And I'm most of the way through screening them and haven't yet c…
  • I get the same error for a completely different search. I tried XML (& txt & CSV that I re-saved to xml and various other tinkering) versions. All failed to import. Zotero created a folder/collection and seemed to think about it for a period…