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  • In case it helps someone else, here are the possible elements that the exported Zotero RDF file may include, depending on item type: Artwork – Audio Recording - Bill - Blog - Book Section - Book - Case - Computer Program - Conference Paper …
  • Sorry, I think the word "parent" in my original post has confused things... Although there are several ways this information could be represented, Zotero’s RDF export only represents them as... My question is... that "bib:Document" part varies …
  • Thanks for your reply... So, am I understanding this wrong? Let's say for example I'm looking in the RDF for the date added... Web pages would place this in: Journal articles would place this in: Is that part right?
  • On a related note... I've never come across an item that will automatically enter the language into the language field when adding to my Zotero Library. I've always had to enter language manually. Is the language field ever automatically inser…
  • Sean, That's great! Any chance that will be included in 2.0? re: Metadata - I'm guessing we'll still have the option to export the metadata from the zotero servers to a local location. That true? Thanks again...
  • Sean, Thanks for your reply. User-defined storage (WebDAV) would be nice... I'll echo Rintze's question, might that also include local or network drives? Our concerns deal with the subject matter we are collecting, not the security and pr…