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  • This kind of search is also important for other aspects of cleaning your library, like searching for items without attachments, looking for items missing titles, authors, journals, etc. I did try "Title" "Does not contain" "%" (and a version with p…
  • @nspiller, The "No program available to open this attachment" error is because the files are downloaded as ZIP archives by default (if I understand correctly). You can undo this in the settings and then your downloads should be openable with whateve…
  • The big thing for me is being able to save PDFs and other files to my SD card. I have more than 6GB of files in my Zotero library (more than 4k files total) and I'd like to go ahead and save them all to my SD card so I have them on the go even witho…
  • Does anyone have tips for removing such items from the DB more automatically without breaking Zotero?
  • Okay. Is there a DB query I could run to then remove the sub-items for files which no longer exist? Thanks for your help!
  • Is there a way to set Zotero to remove missing files from your collection? I have >400 duplicate files in my library (>550 MB of data!) and don't have the time to go through manually removing these duplicate items. I found, however, that the …