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  • related thread: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/67350/zotero-5-standalone-in-system-tray mention the support of QL in Electron
  • +1 for supporting quicklook for PDFs on mac OS.
  • Also, what about the ID import feature (pubmed, isbn, etc) on zotero web? Is it forecasted / totally unlikely?
  • " But given the way PDF metadata extraction works, we can't use pubmed for that at all: it relies on full text indexing of the article text, which pubmed doesn't do. I understand this limitation (and already read this point before). Your answer…
  • zoteroquicklook is really cool! what about the progress toward having a summary pane?
  • Yes, I looked at ZotFile, but as far as I understand, you have to create the file structure manually… What would be great, would be to have the ability to mount a virtual file system that would automatically display the attachments in a directo…
  • quite funny… was looking for this feature in the support, and just realized I opened the topic myself 4 years ago!! adamsmith, could you please elaborate on the "virtual folders" solution? Is there any way to browse attachments to zotero in a d…
  • Great! I was exactly looking for that… Nonetheless, I think that displaying collections in the same way than tags (just as folder in evernote or gmail) would be very handy and would not clutter too much the ui. Could be added to the tags pane o…
  • +1 I have more than 500 records in my db, with linked files for most of them. Would be great to be able to attach them at once! Please… Thomas
  • Fianlly, somebody coded it! Great! :-) Thanks for the link, Thomas
  • Under mac, the pdf reader is a firefox setting... So you have to tell FF to use skim to display your pdf; and zotero will do it too.
  • Labmonkey is right: footnotes numbers are displayed why they shouldn't (but the bibliography is correctly displayed if you ask for it using "insert bibliography" at the end of the word doc) But another trouble remains: I can start a new bib usi…
  • You were right, it's a matter of shortcut conflict… cmd shift X is working. But I've no idea of what cmd shift C is supposed to do! Thanks for your help!
  • I do run this version… And tried again just now after relaunching FF. Still the same, nothing in the clipboard :-(
  • As it sounds like you are working on a mac, if you can afford to pay 30€, there is Papers http://mekentosj.com/papers/ Never really used it, but it looks really good! Thomas
  • I installed the new plugin and also get backward compatibility troubles: is there a way to keep using word doc older than this update? (I always get an error message about communication with Zotero, whereas using zotero plugin in new word docs work …
  • one more thing: it would be good that repeated entries occur only once in the bibliography list (and thus receive the same index in case of note format)... For the time being, a new entry is created each time you cite the ref. Thomas, enjoyin…
  • This is great… as great as Zotero! :-) Please keep going: I love when open source apps are so easy to use, user friendly and efficient! Just one thing to fix for the next (beta?) release: it would be even better if the popup windows appearing…
  • What's up? Are you going to release it this week? or shall we expect some delay? Thanks for Zotero anyway; it's already good, and it's going to be great! Thomas, who is really waiting for Web of Science translator…