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  • Cool, have done. When I save and re-open the document I only seem to get the "The cursor is not presently within a Zotero citation..." message as opposed to the runtime error, but hopefully the excerpt will show you something I can't see!
  • Hi bdarcus, hope you don't mind a quick months-later reply! I totally agree that the APA's requirement to omit the issue number when volumes are continuous paginated is a stupid rule - it just makes finding a particular work that someone else h…
  • Ditto. Clicking on the search field takes me just a moment, but in the course of a Master's thesis that's a LOT of moments ;)
  • Brilliant, thanks :)
    in Folders Comment by mattw July 22, 2009
  • It is, and after enabling 'em I can save citations again! Brilliant, thanks Dan. Sorry, I guess I should've checked the known issues as well as searching on the forum for the issue before posting!
  • @amacom73 - I'm trying out the saved search method you kindly suggested, but the pdf's aren't named nicely with Author/Title/Year :s The ones saved directly in Zotero (as opposed to my pre-Zotero collection) are just named with the filename the data…
    in Folders Comment by mattw July 22, 2009
  • :O No, it probably isn't! Freed up some space, but after doing so and restarting FireFox I'm still not able to save the citations from Scholar. The URL's are here, here and here; the citations I'm trying to save are the first result for each.
  • Sure: The problem doesn't seem to be URL/article specific though - …
  • This does seem to be related to Firefox 3.5 - I've just reverted to 3.0.12 and I'm able to save citations from Scholar again. Older versions of FireFox here.
  • Ahh, good point Mr Smith, I didn't think of the item-in-multiple-collections issue! I had considered keeping my files stored outside of Zotero, but this would indeed have meant a LOT of setting up individual items + linking, as opposed to just dragg…
    in Folders Comment by mattw July 21, 2009
  • I agree with Carlos's suggestion that having Zotero arrange files in the same structure as one's collections/sub-collections would be great. Obviously most of the time I access files by opening Firefox and Zotero, but in some cases I need to access …
    in Folders Comment by mattw July 20, 2009
  • I agree it would be useful to hide this toolbar. Most of my saved articles are pdf files, and the annotation features don't work with these - I use the pdf-xchange add-on.
  • So you're looking to be able to do "Johnson (2008)" instead of "(Johnson, 2008)" - is that right? If so, Edit Citation > View Editor will allow you to free-edit the citation to look how you want - the main reason I switched from Endnote to Zotero…